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As someone who's been doing theatre since a very young age, I've noticed how many problems or stereotypes that come along with it, and I'm here to post stuff that actresses like myself can relate to. I will try to post as much as I can, but I do have a life. (I actually am involved in drama in real life, and am participating in a production in some way at all times.) Feel free to submit anything you think applies to this blog! *This is MOSTLY stereotypical and will MOSTLY be directed at problems having to do with plays/musicals/competitions/auditions and other problems of the stage, not movies.* Thank you :)

Jul 10


so today, i was at rehearsal for a play i’m in. It’s our spirit week, and today was celebrity day. A lot of boys were dressed up in white T-Shirts and jeans but no one really knew why.

It’s a tradition for the cast to go to the performance of another play the program is doing, and we call that our ‘prom.’ 

There is a girl in one of the casts with physical disabilities that has been dying and begging for a boy to ask her to prom.

Well, one boy listened and got almost every boy in all three casts to dress up as One Direction and serenade this girl with singing What Makes You Beautiful. 

The boy then asked her to prom, and she said yes.

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Jun 15

May 21

no new posts until tomorrow.

but until then follow my personal!

May 20

hi guys, i’m back! wooh!

the reason why i haven’t been on in so long is because of rehearsal..what a surprise. I had done festival in which i was on the costume team and won an award. tech definitely makes you a more appreciative actor and i think everyone should do it at least once, but i am never doing it again, lol. i much prefer being on stage. and then right after that i was in hairspray! so much fun. I was the gym teacher :) Now i’m about to be in les mis over the summer but the rehearsals are only in the evening 5 days a week so i can start updating this again.

By the way…

i used to edit my posts on picnik, but as you all probably know, it has shut down. i now have to edit my posts on paint. if you have any website suggestions that i could edit the posts on that allow text in the photos, that would be great…because paint sucks.

Watching ‘Rent’ with a non-theatre kid and just singing your heart out to 525600 minutes and they’re like O.o wut.

Just spent the last ten minutes crying over real life issues, now I have to go to a rehearsal for a comedy.

When people ask what music you like and you sound like an old lady saying “show tunes”

When you think you’ll get famous from posting a video on youtube……and don’t because no one knows the songs.

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